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One of the most complete models in Kuumax is Vulcano. As you can see, shape and mould are just the same as in Pandora and Atila. However, those are models which offer much more control, and here we have a more offensive version. The sweet point and the balance are still the same.

What are the differences between Vulcano and Atila?

It is clear that, despite having the same shape and mould, Pandora is totally different in terms of weight and materials. It has been conceived with control and manageability as the main purpose. The main difference between Vulcano and Atila has to do with the head. Although both have a Carbon frame, Vulcano has two glass fiber layers, one less than Atila. Both have a “Carbon Full Power” layer. The last difference is the smooth surface of the Atila versus the rough surface of the Vulcano. In our opinion, the style of playing is the determining factor in order to choose one or the other. The Vulcano is the appropriate racket for offensive players; the Atila is the right one if you prefer control.

These are the main features:

  • Weight: 365-375 gr.
  • Size: Oversize
  • Shape: Round
  • Beam: 38 mm.
  • Frame: 100% Carbon Frame Tubular
  • Structure: 3 glass fiber layers and 1 Carbon layer
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Core: Medium Soft Eva
  • Capa Effect: 3D
Vulcano tecnology
Vulcano tecnology

As you have seen, this is a versatile racket whose shape enhances control and whose materials privilege an offensive style. Despite these features, we don’t think this is the best racket for a backhand offensive player. If you are the master of volley, drop shot or ‘viper’ shot, this racket is made for you. Here are our marks:

  • Power: 8.5
  • Control: 9
  • Manageability: 9
  • Topspin: 9


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