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Kuumax cannot lack a racket specially thought for women, so they have launched Pandora. It is a light and aesthetically. The manufacturing is still high-quality, as it is always in Kuumax. The shape and mould are just the same as in Atila and Vulcano, but materials are different. It is a round racket and, like the models that have just been mentioned, it has a large sweet point and a medium/low balance. This racket has been developed to enhance control, but it has enough rigidity so as to surprise in attack. It has a carbon frame. Its medium soft Eva core makes back court shots easier. Besides, the head is made of three ‘Fiber Glass Evolution KMX’ layers. Here you have the detailed features:

  • Weight: 365-375 gr.
  • Size: Oversize
  • Shape: Round
  • Beam: 38 mm.
  • Frame: Carbon Frame Tubular
  • Structure: 3 ‘Fiber Glass Evolution KMX’ layers
  • Level: All levels
  • Core: Medium Soft Eva
Pandora tecnology
Pandora tecnology

Obviously, this is a high-quality racket, but it is not only for women. Those looking for a light and manageable racket will be surprised by its characteristics. Due to its features, we recommend it to forehand players who are good at defence, volley and drop shots. If your style is rather offensive, this racket can respond, although it is not conceived for such a style. It would be nice, then, to look for another model. Here you have our marks:

  • Power: 8
  • Control: 9.5
  • Manageability: 9.5
  • Topspin: 8.5


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