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Emotion 2.0 and Strong 2.0

These two rackets will be analysed together since they are made of exactly the same materials. The sole difference stems from the shape, and all that this fact implies, what…


One of the most complete models in Kuumax is Vulcano. As you can see, shape and mould are just the same as in Pandora and Atila. However, those are models…


Kuumax cannot lack a racket specially thought for women, so they have launched Pandora. It is a light and aesthetically. The manufacturing is still high-quality, as it is always in…


If you are looking for an efficient and versatile racket, pat attention to Kuumax Atila. A pretty well manufactured racket which is able to respond under any circumstances. It has…

Ares II

We started to believe that Kuumax was a brand able to become established among professional players when we tested Ares I. But now, this second version, together with other high-end…

Ares Fury

The greatest surprise from Kumaax. Just when we thought that the Ares II had meant the strengthening of Kuumax as a top-level brand, this racket has gone one step further….


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