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All about the world of padel

Welcome to Padelmotions. The website you need to be up to date on the world of padel.

Here you will find, by categories, all the information about this sport.

Analysys and opinion.

Here you will find comments, opinions and assessment of padel equipment: rackets, trainers, polo shirts, jerseys, shorts, etc. All the equipment, from garments to balls, is analysed.

The aim is that you can choose your equipment in an entertaining way, as well as find the best quality-cost relationship for your products.

If you want us to analyse any racket, just contact us and we will set to it. You will get the best analysis.

News and interviews.

Do you want to know the latest news from the World Padel Tour? This is your website. Besides, you will find tournament game recaps. If you can’t watch WTP matches live, you will be up to date on everything thanks to the reports. We aim to get people closer to this sport and to show the players who daily strive for making a living from it.

How to play padel.

You won’t be playing padel professionally just by reading. However, learning the theoretical aspects is beneficial and necessary. We will be considering the different shots, explaining the game rules and solving doubts about the regulations. The aim is to acquire knowledge for matches and post-game discussions.

Online shop.

Get access to the best offers in padel. Cheap rackets, discounts on trainers, and an endless variety of products. You don’t need a voucher or code. Just find the best option in Padelmotions, not only in price but also in quality.


There is one section exclusively devoted to Kuumax, a brand we met two years ago (2016). It has always been surprising us since then. Kuumax is a young brand with enormous projection. With this series of entries where the virtues of each product and model will be analysed, you will for sure get so fond of the brand as we are.


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